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  • D. Hafsah Al-Amin

    D. Hafsah Al-Amin

  • Daren Garshelis

    Daren Garshelis

    Advisor to nonprofits. Activist for equity & justice. Antiracist. Feminist. Environmentalist. Views expressed are my own.

  • Eduardo Samaniego

    Eduardo Samaniego

    Public Speaker, Child/Student Advocate. Follow me on Twitter: @EduSamani

  • Daniel M. Kowalski

    Daniel M. Kowalski

    Editor-in-Chief, Bender's Immigration Bulletin; Online Content Editor/Contributor, LexisNexis Immigration Law Community

  • Jose Luis Martinez

    Jose Luis Martinez

    Social, Economic and Environmental Activist and Educator. Views are my own.

  • WandAMN


    For more info & to join us! https://www.facebook.com/MNwanda/

  • Jen Gerson Uffalussy

    Jen Gerson Uffalussy

    Hippie-haired, hot pink lipstick-wearing founding Jezebel editor. Mainly concerned with women's issues and reality TV.

  • The View From Here

    The View From Here

    Capital Public Radio's documentary team. Covering life’s big challenges. Reporting on undocumented immigrants in 2016.

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